Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Melaleuca Clear Power Review - Safer For Your Home, Better On Your Wallet!

My sister-in-law told me about this company called Melaleuca.  I was skeptical.  "What are you selling me?"  I am a LuLaRoe consultant, so I get how these things work...  Believe me, I am all for women trying to make an extra income.  That is the same thing I do.  But here I sit, very skeptical.  She asked me to watch a video of another woman telling me about Melaleuca products.  I asked her point blank..  "Is this something you are selling?  You can just send me a link or catalog if that's what this is..."  She said "No, I am not going to sell you anything."  So I logged on and watched the video.  I must admit I was half listening in the beginning - folding laundry, walking in and out of the room, but when I started listening to the facts, I just wanted to try it for myself. 

It makes sense!  We put so many chemicals into our homes each day.  I always say, that I want a better way.  I smell the harmful bleach and ammonia when I am cleaning and think, well it probably isn't good to ingest this and probably not good for the kids to eat off the floor afterwards.  (Well it isn't good for them to do it in the first place, but we all know they do!)  I am a single mom of three.  I am not perfect.  I work from home and face a million struggles each day.  I ask my kids to help me clean, no, I BEG them!  When they do clean I am terrified that my four year old, Ava is going to lick something.  Shouldn't we have one less thing to worry about as parents?

So I gave the Melaleuca products a try.  I spent $99 for the home conversion pack.  When the box arrived, I must admit that I was excited to clean!  So as I try these products out I am going to be downright honest of what I think!  For this post I am reviewing the glass cleaner.  Melaleuca calls it Clear Power. 

Okay, so first of all when I got my kit, I was a bit overwhelmed.  All of the products come with a concentrated bottle and a spray bottle.  The cool thing is that you can use the concentrate many times!  Clear Power is concentrated 12 times!  That means when I purchase Clear Power for $5.69 (plus $1.49 for a mixing bottle if you need one), I am getting 6 bottles of glass cleaner.  I normally use Windex or the cheap store brand equivalent.  So I decided to see what the price difference is...  So I checked Amazon.  I love Amazon!  I pay $99 a year for Prime - love the fast delivery!!  So I looked into purchasing plain blue Windex.  You can purchase Windex for 24 cents per ounce on Amazon.  That means you are purchasing 2 big bottles with subscribe and save.  If you aren't subscribing it will cost more.  You can also purchase the cheap store brand at Walmart.  Currently they are offering it at $1.98 for 32 ounces.  That's 6 cents an ounce.  Like I said.  I am a single mom on a budget so I like to check these things out.  Okay, so say you invest the $5.69 for Clear Power and have to buy the starter mixing bottle at $1.49.  That means you are spending $7.18 for 96 ounces.  That comes to 7.5 cents per ounce.  That is far less than the Windex at Amazon, but slightly more than the cheap stuff at Walmart.  You have to keep in mind that you only have to buy that mixing bottle once!  So next time your price is $5.69 for 96 ounces, which is only 5.9 cents per ounce.  Just as inexpensive as that Walmart brand!

Okay, so now that cost is out of the way, what about toxins and chemicals?  Windex and Walmart brand Glass Cleaner both contain ammonia.  When I was young I was always taught to never mix ammonia and bleach.  It is a toxic mix!  I was reading about the dangers of ammonia and I found out that it is a gas and harmful to inhale.  Yes, it is a good cleaner, but at what cost?  When I use ammonia, my eyes burn and inhaling it is no good.  I am no doctor but those two facts alone tell me it can be harmful, especially to my kids and pets. 

So what about Clear Power from Melaleuca?  I really don't want to sound like a commercial. I am not trying to sell it.  I just want to educate you to make the choice for your family.  So Clear Power does not contain ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde, phthlates, or any other toxic chemicals.  It uses plant derived cleaning agents.  There aren't the harsh fumes we are used to with Windex either.  This is just better for us and safer.  My kids don't touch mirrors much but we have a glass table that they eat snacks off of...  Yes normally on plates, but they spill and drop everything.  They then pick it up off the glass table and eat it anyway.  Using the Clear Power from Melaleuca gives me piece of mind. 

How does it clean?  Great!!!  I am looking for a streak free shine and Clear Power did that for me.  It cleaned all of my glass with no problem!  Clear Power cleaned off the toothpaste spit on the bathroom mirror, the windows in the living and dining rooms and of course the glass table I bought before kids.  Never again.  LOL!

Okay one last point - by using Melaleuca cleaning products we are saving the environment a little each day.  Think about all of the plastic we are saving from the landfill!  One bottle of Clear Power makes 6 bottles of cleaner.  Keep reusing that spray bottle and think of what you are doing to save plastic from the landfill.  I know there are real facts of how much plastic has been saved from landfills by using Melaleuca, but lets just say it is significant! 

If you want to try Melaleuca for yourself, just leave a comment and I can invite you.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I will find you the answer.

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