Friday, July 21, 2017

Check Groupon for Coupons Before you Shop!

*This is a sponsored post
I love to save money on the things that my family and I need.  We frequently shop online and in store to score the best deal on groceries and other household items.  Groupon is a big help to me when I want to save money!  I need to make a Target run tomorrow, so I went on the Groupon site and searched for Target coupons, and right now their are 71! 

These coupons can be used online or in store.  I am thrilled to be able to save my family money!  With back to school shopping coming up, I will be shopping at Target for two of my kids who will be in 4th and 7th grade.  We will need pencils, pens, paper, backpacks and so much more!  I was thrilled to see that one of their featured deals is 15% off when you make a Target College Registry.  How neat!  I have a close friend attending college in the fall and can't wait to help her make her registry!
There are other great merchants that you can save money with on Groupon.  A few of the big stores I noticed were Amazon, Target, Walmart, Shutterfly and many, many more!  Next time you need to shop, check out Groupon first for some great money saving coupons!  You will be glad you did!

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