Friday, December 9, 2011

Cold-EEZE Review!

As you know from my last post, I've been suffering from a major cold this week!  My throat and head have been hurting, I've been stuffed up and have just been feeling icky!  Luckily I was given a package of Cold-EEZE Lozenges to review a while back.  I have been sucking on these for the past couple of days and they really seem to give me some relief from this awful cold!  I received the All Natural Honey Lemon Flavor and it tastes pretty good!  Now Cold-EEZE has been clinically proven to reduce the duration of your cold by nearly half!  I am already feeling better today whereas this cold could drag on much longer.  My kids have both been fighting this same cold since Saturday (that's 6 days now).  My symptoms started on Tuesday and already I am feeling much better.  I can't say for sure that the Cold-EEZE has shortened my cold, but I know that it has helped me to feel better!  The lozenges help to sooth my sore throat and open up my nasal passages to make me breathe better.  Here is some more information about Cold-EEZE:

Stop the Cold, Not Just the Symptoms*

Take Cold-EEZE® at the very first sign of a cold. Our proprietary zinc gluconate formula releases zinc ions to fight your cold virus. This process not only helps decrease the severity of the cold but shortens the length of time you are sick.

*Cold-EEZE® has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by nearly half, backed by the double blind placebo controlled studies conducted at both Cleveland Clinic and Dartmouth College. You can review the full findings of both studies here.


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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.

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