Friday, December 9, 2011

ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Neti Pot Kit Review!

This week I have been suffering from a pretty bad cold, as is the rest of my family.  Luckily last week we received the ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Neti Pot Kit to review!  It honestly couldn't have come at a better time.  I've heard about Neti Pots but had never used one myself.  My sister swears by hers!  I watched her use it one time and thought it was pretty strange, but if you are suffering from a cold, it must be worth it to get some relief, right?  I have just been feeling terrible.  My nose is so stuffed up and it's really hard to sleep at night, so I decided to give the ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Neti Pot Kit a try.

To use, I just filled the Neti Pot with warm water and used a packet of the Simply Saline Solution contained in the kit.  It is just made of salt and ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda.  I mixed it until it dissolved and then stood over the sink and flushed the water/Simply Saline solution through one nostril.  I was amazed by how much better I felt!  I repeated on the other side and Voila!  I could breathe again!  You can use the ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Neti Pot Kit as much as you need and with other cold medications since it is all natural and drug free!  I would definitely recommend this product to cold and allergy sufferers!

Product Description:

Simply Saline™ Neti Pot Kit is ideal for flushing out nasal mucus and allergens.
Simply Saline™ Neti-Pot solution is made with salt and real ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda to help prevent burning and stinging.
  • Flushes dust and irritants from nasal passages
  • Balanced pH regardless of water-type (filtered, distilled, tap water)
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to use and hold
  • Cap has a unique, patent-pending venting technology to help with preventing leaks
  • Translucent pot with visible fill line aids in preparing correct amount
  • Drug-free; use as often as needed
  • For use alone or with cold or allergy medicine

Click here to find a location near you that sells the ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Neti Pot Kit.

Disclosure: I received the ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Neti Pot Kit free of charge for review purposes from Smiley360.  No monetary compensation was received by me.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

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