Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrifty Tip Friday!

With all of the Blogger confusion I almost forgot about Thrifty Tip Friday!

#150 A word about being Thrifty: To all of my thrifty friends, thrifty is not a bad word to us! It means we are using the most of our resources! It should not mean that were are depriving ourselves of what we want or need. Thrifty means that we are trying to save what we need for the future. It means that we are careful and diligent with our resources! We don't throw away everything! Instead we find more uses for our under used possessions and that's okay with us! We learn to stretch a dollar and pat ourselves on the back when we save a dollar! Saving money is a game to us! Being thrifty is a thing to be proud of, not a thing to hide or look down upon! We are so creative with our resources and should be proud of ourselves!


Steph said...

I do my best to be thrifty (not always successful sometimes, but I'm learning!) I take pride in my deals - especially when i score at a garage sale! when my 3rd baby was born, i happen upon an ergo carrier - ready to hand over at "least" $20 for it, I was told it was $2!!! I ran with it before she changed her mind! :) being thrifty is an art that I am constantly learning... thanks to you and you wonderful posts!

Pinching Abe said...

Thrifty shouldn't have such a negative meaning! I think it is just one step above miser in some people's minds! Thrift is a good thing. Just ask Ben Franklin!

I'm following from Chubby Cheeks' Surfin' Saturday. Please visit me sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Yahooooo for being thrifty! =)
~The Penny Wise Chick