Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CSN Stores Product Review Coming Soon!

CSN Stores has offered me the chance to review a Kid's Decor item available on their site! CSN Stores sells everything under the sun. Where else can you buy tv tables, funky new wallpaper and a new carseat for your baby all in one place? Or perhaps you are in the market for an outdoor fire pit?

I will be perusing the kid's decor section of CSN Stores and deciding what item to review in the next few days. It might be a hard decision, with all there is to choose from at CSN Stores. But how can I turn down the opportunity to get a $35 credit towards one of their items?

I'm thinking of getting a jewelry box for my daughter for Christmas. Here is the one I am looking at right now...

What would you get with $35 from CSN Stores?

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