Monday, March 30, 2015

Our Penguins of Madagascar Family Movie Night! #PenguinsChillOut #PenguinsInsiders #PenguinsMovie

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Last weekend we got to have a Penguins of Madagascar Family Movie Night!  My daughter had one of her friends over and we had a great time with activities and delicious ice cream and the kids were thrilled to see the all new movie: Penguins of Madagascar!  We received an awesome movie night kit that contained a fun ice cream maker, ice cream bowls, activity sheets, and some adorable plush penguin characters from this adorable movie!

First we all had a great time doing some activity sheets from the film.  Please feel free to print these activity sheets to do with your own family!  The kids loved the coloring sheets and the spy kit most of all!

After we did all of our activity sheets, the kids were excited to see the movie!  They each got to choose a plush toy to keep for their very own and were thrilled to watch to movie with their penguin characters!

During the movie they made their very own ice cream with the super cool ice cream maker that came in our movie night kit.  We simply added the ingredients and the kids were able to shake the ice cream maker while they were watching the movie.  They had a great time making their own ice cream!  When it was ready I gave each child some ice cream and they happily ate it!  

These kiddos absolutely love our weekly family movie night!  They get to stay up late and eat junk food and get to spend some much needed family time with us.  We love it too!  This movie was especially cute!  I have loved seeing these smart and crazy Penguins in all of the Madagascar movies so was thrilled to see that they now have their own movie!  The kids all love Skipper, Private, Rico and Kowalski!  They even loved the new characters from the North Wind team that we met in this movie!

Make Family Movie Night a tradition in your home and bring home Penguins of Madagascar today!  (You also may want to get your kids some "Cheezy Dibbles"  Mine have asked for them repeatedly since seeing this movie!  Oh and by the way, they have asked to watch this movie at least 10 times since our movie night!  It's a hit!!!

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momo said...

(Our Penguins of Madagascar Family Movie Night! #PenguinsChillOut #PenguinsInsiders) Looks like everyone had a fun movie night. Our family likes all of these funny movies.

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