Friday, September 27, 2013

New Purex Laundry Help App and a Sweepstakes!!

***I am posting this on behalf of the Purex Insiders.  I will be entered into a giveaway for posting this.

I just downloaded the coolest app to my iPhone.  It's the Purex Laundry Help App!  It has many great features which I'm excited to tell you all about!  First of all, there is a stain guide.  You can scroll through different stains and match it to the type of fabric the stain is on and click to get the solution to get the stain out!  How cool is that?  There have been many times that I have wondered how to get a particular stain out and now I have this info at the swipe of my phone!  There is also a washing machine and dryer timer.  That's a great idea - especially if you forget to add your liquid fabric softener like I always do!  I especially love the Label Decoder.  You know all of those symbols that you find on the tags of your clothing?  Well I'm never sure what most of them mean.  Not anymore!  An iron with three dots means "Iron High Heat".  I just think that's so cool that I can find out what these symbols mean easily on my phone.  There are many more features that you will love on the Purex Laundry Help App.  The BEST part is that this App is FREE!  Click here to download it to your Android device or here to download it to your iOS device.

Now Purex couldn't introduce this awesome App without offering an awesome sweepstakes now could they?  To celebrate the awesome Purex Laundry Help App, Purex is giving you a chance to win an iPad mini. Download the app and enter today for your chance at the grand prize! You could be one of three winners!!

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