Friday, December 12, 2014

Thrifty Tip Friday!

#165  Gifts In A Jar:  It has been a really long time since I've done a Thrifty Tip and I thought it was about time I brought this segment back to my blog!  I love saving money and hope that I can help my lovely readers to do the same.  Since it's Christmas time and all of us are scrambling to find last minute and inexpensive gifts I thought I'd share a fun and inexpensive gift that I would love to get myself!  Gifts In a Jar!!!  There are so many great recipes that you can find out there!  I think these gift jars are so adorable and thoughtful.  If you are going to a holiday party, what better way to thank your hostess than with a gift in a jar?  You basically just layer the dry ingredients and leave her the instructions with the other ingredients to mix, like oil, water and eggs.  I'm in love with Pinterest and if you search for gifts in a jar you will come up with a great array of recipes for your jar.  The jar itself can be a recycled pickle jar, mason jar, etc.  I for one try to save pretty jars with lids for this exact reason.  If you do not have any jars, you can always buy canning jars at your local store, such as Walmart!  Please feel free to post your recipes or other thrifty gift ideas in the comments!


Unknown said...

Think this is neat. Wish I had thought of it myself

Unknown said...

Food in mason jars a re a great idea. i thought about selling baking mixes, fruit.

momo said...

(Thrifty Tip Friday! gifts in a jar) I love making these every year with my daughter. They make such great gifts for the family and friends.