Monday, April 14, 2014

Swagbucks Hits 10,000 Members and Celebrates with a Cool Contest!
Swagbucks has hit the 10M member mark, and to celebrate they're putting on the "10,000,000 Member, 10,000,000 Stories" contest. It starts on Monday, April 14th and goes until April 24th, but there's something you can do right now to get started. Here’s how it works:

1. Tell us your Swagbucks Story in a single picture – be creative, have fun, and keep it positive! Think about what Swagbucks has done for or meant to you, and then have fun capturing it in a single picture where you hold a sign telling them what it means. Take some time this weekend get your entry ready! 

2. Starting Monday, April 14th at 00:00:01 PT you’ll be able to enter the contest. You must be signed into Swagbucks to make a valid entry. You’ll see a place to submit your picture along with an area to write a description telling them even more. Start your description with one of the five pre-written phrases OR choose “Other” to create your own from scratch! 

3. Click the submit button, then click “See Gallery” to see your entry and the others submitted so far.

4. VOTE! Whether you decide to create your own entry or not, you’ll help determine who the winners are. Vote early and often (even vote for yourself!), because the contest ends on Thursday, April 24th.
The top 10 entrants with the most votes will each win a brand new Samsung Chromebook that they can use to tell the next chapter of their Swagbucks Story.
That’s it! If you’re a Swagbucks Member in the US, UK or Canada, take some time this weekend getting your entry ready!

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