Wednesday, May 9, 2012

HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set Review

We are thrilled to be having another baby!  The entire family talks with excitement about the arrival of baby number three!  With a new baby, there comes joy and of course there comes worry.  One main issue of worry for most parents is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  There are steps that we as parents can take to ensure the safety of our little babies.  HALO is a company that I trust when it comes to the safety of my children.  You know them for those awesome sleep sacks and swaddles that we just can't live without.  Well now they have introduced an ingenious crib set that comes without bumpers!  We are all told how dangerous bumpers are - babies can get tangled up in them and suffocate.  When Bella was a baby, I had no idea that bumpers should not be used.  Thankfully we had no mishaps.  With Sam, I was all the wiser and never used them.  Sure they are cute, but I'd rather sleep peacefully at night knowing that my baby won't get tangled up in his or her crib bumper in the night!  Honestly why do other bedding sets come with bumpers!? 

I was more than thrilled to receive this ADORABLE Safe Sleep Crib Set from HALO!  Since we aren't sure the gender of this baby, I chose the neutral green.  It is so cute!  Another ingenious thing about this bedding set is that it comes with two coordinating soft jersey cotton sheets!  Lets face it, you always need more than one sheet when it comes to a baby!  The crib skirt is so simple and pretty.  I love the length of it.  The other crib skirt that I have is too short.  I like to hide baby gear under the crib, and when the skirt is too short... it just isn't hidden!

I must also mention the really great HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket and a SleepSack Swaddle included in this set.  Many times, parents overdress their babies with blankets, when all they need to wear is a HALO SleepSack.  This also takes away the risk of your baby suffocating under their blanket.

I REALLY love this set!  HALO made their Safe Sleep Crib Set in 6 different patterns, so you will be sure to find one to work with your nursery decor.  There are two blue sets, two pink sets and two green sets to choose from.  The sheets fit snugly on the mattress and are so soft so that baby will have a comfortable and safe night's sleep!  Head on over and visit HALO on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest to find out more about this amazing Safe Sleep Set!


You can purchase the HALO 5- Piece Safe Sleep Crib Set on Amazon or at Babies 'R Us!  Prices start at $55.81 on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.

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