Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Xia Xia for Nintendo DS Review

Last month Game Mill Entertainment released a super fun new game for the Nintendo DS - Xia Xia!  Bella loves these adorable little hermit crab toys and was thrilled when we received this game for review.  This game has had Bella very busy for the last couple of weeks.  She loves to unlock characters within the different worlds.  Each world has a hidden starfish and Bella gets super excited when she finds one!  This game has over 30 collectible shells for the hermit crabs and you have to find over 60 friends.  This adorable and fun game will provide hours of entertainment for your child.  Pick it up today!

More About Xia Xia for Nintendo DS:

From sandy beaches to deep blue seas, explore it all with fun and silly hermit crab characters in Xia-Xia the game. Set out on dozens of missions to find shells with your favorite Xia-Xia friends, Bimini, Turks, Trinidad and Tobago. Along the way meet kooky friends and unlock loads of secret rewards in five unique worlds across 25 levels! Keep your eyes open, you must discover the hidden star fish in each world to move on to other adventures. With more than 30 collectible shells to uncover and over 60 missing friends to seek out, Xia-Xia the game provides hours of fun for all ages!


You can purchase Xia Xia for Nintendo DS on Amazon for only $19.99! 

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