Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MAD Season 1, Part 2 Review

Just released earlier this month, Warner Brothers brings us MAD Season 1 Part 2!  My husband is a fan of this show and was excited to receive the second half of Season 1 on DVD.  This show airs on Cartoon Network and is an animated spoof show about other television programs and movies.  It is hilarious!  I ended up watching a few episodes with him one night and found myself cracking up!  I especially like all of the Twilight spoofs!  Although I'm a Twilight fan, it's still fun to laugh at some of the hilarious spoofs.  This DVD contains 13 episodes from Season 1 and some bonus shorts.  If you have a MAD fan in your life or are one yourself, this DVD is a must have for your collection! 


Enter the master minds of the comical mockery that is... "MAD". The hit animated Cartoon Network sketch series is back for more witty wizardry in this second installment from Season One. A slew of your favorite celebrities from the worlds of TV, movies, sports and more join the wacky world that only the "MAD" writers can create. Nobody is safe as episodes like "The Social Netjerk" 'poke' fun at the Internet juggernaut. In "TwiSchool Musical", Edward and Jacob get involved in a musical competition for Bella's heart! Anything goes with these 13 side-splitting episodes and bonus shorts that test the imagination and humor of today's pop-culture fanatics. This collection has hours of material that will keep the ever-so-happy Alfred E. Neuman smiling proudly!

Episodes Include:
  • Pokemon Park - WWER
  • So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon To Dance - Yo Gagga Gagga
  • Straight A Team - Gaming's Next Top Model
  • The Buzz Identity - Two and a Half Man
  • Are You Karate Kidding Me - Fresh Prawn of Bel Air
  • HOPS - Naru-210
  • KoBee Movie - Law & Ogre
  • Pooh Grit - Not-A-Fan of Montana
  • The Social Netjerk - Smallville: Turn off the Clark
  • TwiSchool Musical - Avenger Time
  • ArThor - Big Fang Theory
  • Ribbetless - The Clawfice
  • Force Code - Flammable


You can purchase MAD Season 1 Part 2 at the WB Shop for only $18.95!

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