Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dolphin Tale Review

My family and I just finished watching a wonderful movie called Dolphin Tale!  This movie would make the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list!  It is such a heartwarming movie about a boy who finds an injured dolphin and helps to rehabilitate her.  This is inspired by a true story and really inspired me and my family!   Winter, the dolphin is injured so badly that she will lose her tail.  Without a tail, she will not survive.  A marine biologist and prosthetist (Harry Connick, Jr. and Morgan Freeman) create her a new tail to give her a better chance at life.  This Blu-Ray also contains some awesome special features including a look at the real Winter's home and a look at the true story of how the advances in creating her prosthetic tail are helping human amputees.  This truly is a must see movie!

Movie Synopsis:

In an inspiring story of the bond between animals and humans, a boy named Sawyer discovers an injured dolphin, who is brought to a marine hospital and named Winter. Unfortunately, her injuries cost Winter her tail, without which she may not survive. But with Sawyer's devotion, a marine biologist's (Harry Connick Jr.) and the brilliance of a prosthetist (Morgan Freeman) charged with creating a new tail, Winter may receive a second chance at life. 


You can purchase the Blu-ray/DVD Copy of Dolphin Tale here for only $27.99!

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