Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bummas Review

After the wipe and before the dipe,
A soft kiss of cloth to dry bums off.
Keep diaper rash at bay, the Bummas way.

When my kids were in diapers they suffered from diaper rashes. Bummas are a great product that are used for drying baby's bottom after diaper changes to help eliminate diaper rashes. Bummas are small and soft and made especially for sensitive bottoms. Since my kiddos are not in diapers anymore we have been using our Bummas as wash cloths! They do a great job in the bath and even to wipe off sticky hands and faces! This saves us the cost of those pricey baby wipes and are much better for the planet since we are throwing less disposable wipes away.

More about Bummas:

We’re glad you found us and your baby will be too! That’s because you can virtually eliminate irritating diaper rash without the use of powders, talcs, and ointments. Bummas are small soft, luxurious baby-sized cloths made especially for drying baby bottoms, as well as blocking those surprise squirts. And with a little douse of water, they can also replace commercial wipes for clean up of sensitive bums. They are small enough to conveniently carry on the go and durable enough to wash over and over again and won’t pill shrink or fade.

We think you will find Bummas to be an indispensable item in your diaper changing regimen.


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