Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Daily Thrifty Tip for April 3, 2011

#125 Don't tolerate picky eaters in your home! Do you have kids? I do and they can be so picky sometimes! I have learned from experience not to tolerate this behavior! Bella is 6 years old now and we've had some issues! We have learned that she will be "starving" one minute and once dinner is served she will be "not hungry" or "her tummy hurts". Sam is two and he is starting to make the same excuses! Bella now knows that if she doesn't eat her dinner that she will have no dessert, no snacks and no milk later. She will only be able to drink water until bedtime. This really works for her! If she really can't stomach something, we know not to serve it to her again or to make her only eat a few bites. I do know some moms who will make different meals for each family member depending on what he or she will eat. I let my children know that I am NOT a short order cook and they will eat what I serve or they will just be hungry until the next meal. This not only saves money but time as well as frustration! I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but it is the practice of this thrifty family and it works! Children will eat when they are hungry! They need to make this choice for themselves.

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Quirky Homemaker said...

Hey there! Stopping in from Monday's hop. Following you now! I'd say we're about 50/50 with letting the kids be picky. If I know that we're having something they absolutely will not eat, I make them a plate of nuts, fruit, carrots, etc. or maybe sometimes if I'm lazy PB&J. Other nights they have to eat what we're eating or they don't eat at all. Have a great monday!