Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Daily Thrifty Tip for April 10, 2011

#132 Try not to be brand loyal! I am rarely loyal to a brand name! I try to get the best deal on products that I can. This means that I will purchase generic store brands unless I can receive a better price on the brand name by using coupons matched with sales. My family rarely notices a big difference on generic store brands.


Steph said...

isn't that a wonderful thing - when our children do not focus so much on brand names? mine do not ask for things by a specific brand name but by the item they wish for. so i can get away with buying band aids without pictures and draw them myself! lol. (but really, i do that -- it saves a lot!):)

Ashley said...

I usually buy whatever is a better deal, brand name or not. I do not think that there is really a taste difference.

Are You A Mom said...

I am now following you from the hop...I do the same generic, unless it saves money to buy stores brands :) Hope you have a great night...please stop by and say hi