Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Daily Thrifty Tip for March 29, 2011

#120 Think about a "staycation" this summer. Does thinking about the cost of your family summer vacation make you feel sick to your stomach? Why not go on a "staycation" instead this summer? Sure it is fun to fly to the beach for your summer vacation, but it's very costly too! My husband is currently unemployed, so a beach summer vacation is not in the cards for us this summer. I do plan on taking a week off and doing some fun things with the kids in our area though!
  • We will spend one day at the zoo, which is FREE in our area. (We can pack a picnic lunch and leave the zoo to eat it at a local park.)
  • We can go to the local theme park (Six Flags is near us) My daughter received a FREE ticket to Six Flags by reading 360 minutes at school! We'll just have to buy three tickets instead of four.
  • Maybe you have a water park near you, or you can spend a day at your local pool.
  • Check online to see what fun attractions are in your area. Pretend you are a tourist in your own city!
  • Camp out in your backyard!
With a "staycation" you save the cost of airfare and hotel (which are usually the most expensive part anyway) You can enjoy some time with your family and not break the bank!

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Heather Jones said...

Funny thing is, around here we always have staycations. Only a few weeks ago did we actually leave the state. It was by car and well needed. But yes I see your point, with the increase of gas prices it does make your stomach sick. Especially if you are on a fixed income!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands!