Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Daily Thrifty Tip for December 22, 2010

#23 Buy fruits and veggies that are in season! A good way to save some cash on your grocery bill is to try and only buy fresh fruits and veggies that are in season. For instance, this time of year citrus is in season. You can by clementines, oranges, and tangerines for much less than strawberries, cherries, and blueberries. The in season fruits are fresher too since they don't have to be shipped in from other parts of the world! Try to use these in season fruits and veggies in your recipes instead of the more expensive out of season fruits and veggies

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MultipleMum said...

This is an excellent tip. Not only are they cheaper they are tastier too. Avoid supermarkeet F&V though - tastes awful and spoils in five minutes.