Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Daily Thrifty Tip for December 16, 2010

#17 Turn your thermostat down a few degrees at night. We have a two story house and my kids sleep upstairs. Due to the fact that heat rises, our upstairs rooms are always warmer than downstairs. At night I turn our thermostat down by 4 degrees. Our kids never complain and I really don't notice a difference at night. This can save quite a bit of money on our fuel bill! If you are gone from your house during the day, turn your heat down a bit before you leave in the morning too. I am home all day with kids, so this isn't an option for me. They also make programmable thermostats where you can set your temperature at different times depending on when you will be home. We don't have one of these nifty gadgets, but they are worth looking into!

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Amber D said...

our house is wierd this way it is warmer in the basement....don't know what to make of that.