Monday, December 13, 2010

My Daily Thrifty Tip for December 13, 2010

#14 Include your kids when trying to save electricity. My children are 6 and 2 and I've been trying to teach my daughter the value of a dollar for a while now. She understands that we have to pay for our electricity and that we should turn things off when not using them. She is sometimes the "Power Police" because she will come into the living room and turn of the light when its dark outside and says we don't need the light while watching television. Including our children on our quest to save money is one of the best things we can do!

If your kids are older, challenge them to lower the electric bill! Offer a small reward for each month the bill goes down. For instance a trip to the pool (in the summer), or even the option to stay up later at night! Be creative!

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