Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Simplify Holiday Shopping with Softcard - FREE App Review #Softcard #IC

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Softcard. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
I love to shop!  I also LOVE to save money when I am shopping!  I try to research sales and find coupons before I head to the store to get the best deal that I can.  I then brag to my friends and sisters when I score a great deal!  There have been quite a few times when I have forgotten to give the cashier my coupons or store loyalty card because I have a screaming child with me or am getting mean looks from the people behind me because I am taking too long trying to save a buck...  I get so irritated when this happens!  I think about how I could have saved more money.  Sometimes I will actually go back into the store and wait in a long line to get my money back, and other times I decide it's not worth it....  Well recently I found a great app for my phone to help with this problem!  It's called Softcard!  It's such a helpful app and the best part is that it's FREE!
To get started you can add your credit card or set up a prepaid card through Softcard.  This is how you will pay.  No need to shuffle through your wallet to find your debit or credit card.  We all always have our smart phones handy!  You will also need to set up a pin number and will have to enter that before you pay.  That makes paying with Softcard even safer than paying with a credit card!  Only you know your pin number!  And if your phone gets stolen (which has happened to me) you can feel safer knowing that the thief cannot just pay for things with your phone!
You can use Softcard at over 275,000 locations where contactless payments are accepted.  You can actually search for stores within the Softcard app to see if your store allows you to pay this way.  I love the prepaid card option as well!  You can set it up and add money from your preferred credit, debit or bank account.  This is a great way to budget for your purchases!  If you only want to spend a set amount for Christmas presents, you can set up your prepaid card for that amount and then you are done shopping when you run out of money!
To pay you will just hold the back of your phone against the payment terminal and listen for the beep - easy peasy!
Remember earlier when I was telling you how I like to find coupons before I shop?  Well that is a great way to save but unfortunately sometimes I forget or go into a store at the spur of the moment - especially when shopping with friends...  Well Softcard helps you with this too!!!  You can apply saving to your purchase right from your phone!  You can search the app for savings at your store and your coupons will be taken off at the register!  That is great news for all of us!  I hate it when I don't have a coupon or worse forget it!!  This way your coupons are always with you!  Softcard simplifies how we pay AND helps us to save money!  That's a win!!
I can't forget to mention that you can add your store loyalty or membership cards to Softcard as well!  I have store loyalty cards at most of the places I shop because you get rewarded and can use your rewards to save even more money on top of your coupons!  Well I hate it when I forget my card at home or when I just simply forget to hand it to the cashier - usually because my kids are screaming or asking me to buy them something - I'm sure we've ALL been there!  With the Softcard app you can have all of your loyalty cards at the ready!  No need to shuffle through your wallet or purse!  If you've forgotten your card at home it's no problem!  What's more is that you can even check your balance at select loyalty programs right from the app!

So far I have used the Softcard app once at my local Walgreens.  I have the Balance Rewards card and was able to add that to the app.  It was so simple.  When it was time to pay I just held my phone up to the terminal and my debit card info was taken AND my Balance Rewards card was used as well.  I really love this app and plan on using it over and over again!!!

Now I must also tell you about Tappy!  He's the Softcard mascot and he's really cute!  Check him out in this video!

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