Thursday, September 6, 2012

U.S. Cellular Hello Better Campaign

Like many Americans, I am unhappy with my cell phone provider.  My husband and I pay over $140 a month with both of our phones.  I don't even have a data package.  I know - I need to come into this decade!  I haven't even gotten a data package because I don't want the added expense of at least $25 a month - more if I go over the allotted data usage.  I also don't think I would use it enough since I'm at home all day with the kids and can just use my laptop or Kindle Fire if I need to see something on the web.

I also hate that we get charged to send AND receive texts.  I personally don't think that's fair.  If my husband and I send each other a text - say one messeage sent each, it actually counts as four messages!  He is charged to send the message and I'm charged to receive the same message.  I think that's ridiculous!  I wouldn't say that I text very much, but everyone else does and I have to have a texting plan just to receive everyone's' texts!  I also hate my cell phone contract!  Every time I get a new phone, I have to sign up for a long two year contract and it's VERY expensive to get out of.  I am pretty sure that it will cost $250 to drop my current cell phone provider before the two year contract is up!  That's pretty steep!  Our cell phone contract will be up for renewal in November, so my husband and I have been looking into other cell phone providers.  We don't want to pay so much money for the convenience of our cell phones.

U.S. Cellular is one of the cell phone providers that we are seriously thinking about switching to.  Right now they are promoting their Hello Better campaign by encouraging people to say goodbye to dysfunctional wireless relationships and say hello to a better experience. In other words: Goodbye neglect, hello respect!

U.S. Cellular has conducted a survey about people's dissatisfaction with their current cell phone provider. Many of us are dissatisfied with our current providers, but have issues with switching - such as my current contract that is costly to get out of.  Out of the 1,208 participants polled across four regions of the country, 56 percent of the respondents admitted to being unhappy with their carrier over the past year but only 35 percent of all respondents have ever broken up with their provider.

U.S. Cellular provides customers with unique benefits such as the industry’s only points-based rewards program, no contract after the first contract ends, free incoming calls and texts, free Overage Protection and free Battery Swap for your device! I'm loving the no charge for incoming calls and texts! No more double charges from my husband and I texting one another! I also love the idea of a Rewards Program! You can use the points you earn for free phones, accessories and faster upgrades. I can tell you that my current cell phone provider doesn't have anything like this!

I've also compared U.S. Cellular's Plans with my current provider's cell phone plan and I can get more for less money! I can get unlimited texting and minutes plus 2 GB of data for just about the same amount I'm spending now with only 200 text messages and no data plan! Plus I will have the option to upgrade to a new phone faster without another cell phone contract. This sounds great to me!

If you are one of the 56% of people who is unhappy with your current cell phone provider or plan, look into U.S.Cellular!  They have great plans and offer a great Rewards Program.  My husband and I can't wait for our current contract to expire so that we can switch to a new cell phone provider - one with more benefits for us and one that can save us some cash!

Disclosure: I participated in this sponsored post campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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