Friday, August 31, 2012

PsiBands - Drug Free Nausea Relief Review

In my first trimester of pregnancy, I was nauseous all day!  I needed extra progesterone supplements, which I'm told made my nausea worse!  When I was contacted to try PsiBands, I was more than thrilled!  I was excited to hopefully relieve my nausea - especially in a drug free way!  I read all about PsiBands and how they work with acupressure to relieve nausea due to morning sickness, travel, motion sickness, anesthesia and chemotherapy.  I must say I was a little skeptical of whether they'd work or not, but I was feeling so sick, that I knew I didn't have anything to lose.
When my PsiBands arrived I was feeling pretty nauseous and I put them on both of my wrists.  There is apparently a pressure point in our wrists that can lessen or completely relieve your nausea, with acupressure.  I followed the directions to place them on my wrists and they felt very comfortable.  My nausea slowly went away.  I was so thrilled that I kept them on until bedtime and put them back on first thing the next morning.
In my second trimester, we went on a cruise to The Bahamas!  I was very excited, but since this was my first cruise, I wasn't sure how my body would react.  As the ship took off, we were having dinner and I could watch the waves from the window of the ship.  I started to feel queasy pretty quickly, so we went back to our room and I put on my PsiBands and slowly my nausea went away and we were able to have a very fun time on the ship!
I love how cute PsiBands are.  I've seen similar products in the drugstores and they are not very attractive!  I would recommend PsiBands to pregnant women and those prone to nausea while traveling.  This is a wonderful product and really helped me to feel better!


Click here to find a retailer near you that sells PsiBands.  You can even purchase yours online on Amazon!

Disclosure:  I received a product to review as a member of the Living Your Moment {} review team. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255 concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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I have to admit these look pretty promising. I had a rough first trimester too. I'm not pregnant at the moment but my husband and I will be trying for our second probably sometime in the coming year, so I'll definitely have to pick up a couple of these. Thanks for the recommendation!