Friday, March 23, 2012

Silverlicious for Nintendo DS - Out Now!

Bella was super excited because a brand new Pinkalicious Nintendo DS game was released earlier this month from Game Mill Entertainment!  Silverlicious is based on the popular Pinkalicious book series.  Bella is a huge fan of these books and we just realized that we don't have a copy of Silverlicious - the book.  We will need to pick it up very soon!  Bella screamed with delight when her Silverlicious DS game arrived and started playing it immediately!  In this game the player has to help Pinkalicious regain her sweet tooth.  Bella loves that she can customize Pinkalicious' outfit and accessories.  She can collect lots of accessories - 20 in all.  The neighborhoods are holiday themed such as Valentine's Day and Easter.  Silverlicious is a super fun game according to Bella and would make a GREAT Easter present for your little Pinkalicious fan!


Following the enchanting storyline of Silverlicious written and illustrated by Victoria Kann, Silverlicious the game lets players set out on an adventure as Pinkalicious who has lost her ability to taste anything sweet. Help Pinkalicious regain her sweet tooth as you practice kindness, good manners and helping others in need. Unlock magical rewards including butterflies, sparkle rides and fireworks, as you explore the beautiful lands and meet new friends. Along the way you will learn that true sweetness comes from much more than cupcakes and cookies. Whether playing alone or with others, Silverlicious the game creates an imaginative and fun way to drive home the importance of kindness and manners.



  • Collectibles: Dress up Pinkalicious in three different costumes from a beautiful dress to fairy catching gear; accessorise her outfits with over 20 collectible accessories 
  • Meet Fun Friends: Explore across holiday-themed neighbourhoods and meet new friends like Carlos Cupid, Edgar the Easter bunny, Easter chicks and more
  • Holiday-Themed Neighbourhoods: Twirl, glide and dance in three holiday favourite lands including Very Valentine’s, Easter Excitement and Christmas Caroling
  • Positive Messages: All modes and gameplay focus on the importance of practicing kindness and good manners, like using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to increase the sweetness meter
  • Rewards: Gain special rewards and bonus items for performing acts of kindness

You can purchase Silverlicious for the Nintendo DS on Amazon for only $19.99!

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