Monday, February 27, 2012

Bob the Builder: Here to Help Review

Every Friday afternoon, the daycare bunch watches an episode of Bob the Builder on PBS Kids before their nap.  They all quietly watch as Bob, Wendy and the construction crew build something new!  Sam's favorite machine is Travis the tractor!  His daddy's name is Travis and lately he has been all about green tractors!  Well, Sam and all of the other daycare kiddos were thrilled when I popped in the newest Bob the Builder: Here to Help DVD, which was just released from HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate last week.  This DVD is so fun and contains 5 great episodes of this great program as well as some really fun bonus features.  Sam loved trying the "Build a House with Bob" game!  This is a really great DVD and would make your little builder smile!


If you build it, they will help! Preschool favorite Bob the Builder™ and his Can-Do Crew are back for all new construction action and exciting adventures in Bob the Builder: Here To Help coming to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand February 21, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Whether they’re being extra helpful on the job, making sure the local stage show goes on, celebrating a good friend’s birthday or just having fun, Bob and his company lay the foundation for super-sized adventure, ready with the tools and the teamwork to teach even the youngest builder that the Fun is in Getting It Done!


Bob the Builder and his Can-Do Crew are Here To Help in this ation packed collection as they get the job done and share tales of teamwork from the building yard. Scoop and Lofty learn that they can accomplish a lot with a little help from their friends; Scrambler is in for a big surprise when he accidentally frightens Lofty and must dig deep to repair his friend’s confidence; Scoop needs a truckload of teamwork to save Wendy’s birthday celebration and Scratch learns there’s no one star of the show as everyone must work together to save Fixham’s History Day celebration. Dizzy spins some chaos on the lighthouse ramp and must rely on teamwork – and a new found talent for wheelies – to fix the mess. Join Bob and his machine team as they lend helping hands, scoops, cranes, shovels and more to build lasting friendships in these Can-Do tales of teamwork and fun!

  • “Lofty’s Helpful Day” 
  • “Scrambler’s Stage Surprise” 
  • “Wendy’s Birthday Surprise” 
  • “Scratch’s Star Turn” 
  • “Dizzy and the Wheelies”

DVD Bonus Features
  • Build a House with Bob Game 
  • “My Dream Team” Music Video 
  • “I’m Big and I’m Blue” Music Video


You can purchase Bob the Builder: Here to Help on Amazon for only $9.49!

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