Thursday, December 22, 2011

DaGeDar™ for Nintendo DS Review

My nine year old cousin is a huge fan of DaGeDar!  I honestly hadn't heard of this since Bella is not into these toys.  I recently gave this game to my cousin and found out that I was pronouncing the name wrong..  Apparently this is a very popular toy for kids and the game was a huge hit with him!  He opened lots of other presents and said that he was most excited about his new DaGeDar Nintendo DS game!  I sat and watched him play it for a while and it looked like a really fun game!  He raced his DeGarDar balls on tracks that had gaps and blocks that could mess him up.  There are more than 100 DeGeDar items to collect and he can even trade with his friends!  He is still enjoying his new game!  This game is a must have for your DeGeDar fan!

More About DeGeDar for Nintendo DS:

Battle it out with your friends or race evil spirits alone; DaGeDar’s virtual raceway will keep you playing for hours. With more than 30 fast and furious raceways, you’ll be looping, dropping, climbing, and banking your way to the end with fury, but watch out for the blocks and gaps in the raceway! Featuring 100 collectable balls and special, limited edition characters, you’ll have a blast collecting and trading your favorite DaGeDar items. Whether playing alone or sharing with a friend using the game’s single card download option, the action-packed world of DaGeDar will keep you hungry for more racing, collecting and conquering of evil spirits in a unique 33rd dimension world.



  • Collectables: Unlock and collect up to 100 DaGeDar racing balls, for collectable and trading fun! Special limited edition, cool characters available too! 
  • Unique Race Abilities: Each ball carries abilities of Acceleration, Top Speed, Defense and Attack modes. 
  • Rewards: Earn DeGaDar points at the end of every race for special rewards and bonuses! 

You can purchase DeGaDar for the Nintendo DS on Amazon for only $19.99!

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