Monday, September 19, 2011

Tile Twist Board Game Review

Our family loves to play board games. Bella is getting older and is really fun to play with because she has gotten so smart! She can usually beat me at many board games! When she was littler she would get upset if she didn't win and we could only play the simple games like Candy Land. We have a new strategic family board game that I am excited to tell you about! Tile Twist is a game that makes you think. It is recommended for ages 8 and up. Travis and I had a great time playing this game with Bella. She is only 7 but did a great job learning the rules and ended up winning once! Below you can read the description of this super fun game: Tile Twist!

Tile Twist Game Description:

The board is made up of 81 tiles placed differently each time you play. The configurations and fun are nearly limitless. With such a dynamic board, you may only be able to move a few tiles on one turn, while on another turn you might be able to cross the entire board!

Win by collecting points scattered around the board and getting the highest score before making your way back to home base. Each roll of the die creates strategic opportunities to make a path to victory or impede your opponents. For example, you may be able to rotate one or two tiles and open a path to more points or break up the path of your opponent, add a blocking piece anywhere on the board to prevent your opponent from reaching his destination, or trade places with another player to get out of a bind and race to your goal.

Tile Twist: it's a strategic game for family and friends...with a twist!


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Julia said...

Wahoo! We love that game too!!

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